Outreach Programs

Louisiana Lemur Foundation offers fun, interactive, educational outreach programs for students of all ages! Email info@louisianalemurs.org to schedule!

We specialize in K-5, as we currently refer to Lemur Conservation Foundation's Ako Project as a resource. However, we can adapt our presentations to any grade level, age group, or setting.

Our programs focus on educating students about lemurs, biodiversity, and the importance of conservation science!

The three pillars that drive LLF’s overall mission also drive our outreach programs:


At the core of every program is the importance of conservation. All of Earth’s species are connected. The fate of one can affect others, including humans. LLF encourages good Earth stewardship, the protection of other species and their habitats, and the support of biodiversity to prevent species extinction.


LLF programs target the following areas of environmental education:

○ Awareness and sensitivity
○ Knowledge and understanding
○ Attitudes of concern and motivation
○ Skills to identify problems and ways to help

Scientific Discovery

LLF believes in a strict code of non-invasive research that contributes to our knowledge of other species. Our programs introduce students to the wide world of research and emphasize the importance of being a responsible scientist.

Why Lemurs?

Lemurs are important!

Lemurs are humans’ oldest living ancestors!

● Lemurs belong to a group called Prosimians, the oldest known group of primates.
● Lemurs can help us learn more about primate evolution and our similar health problems, like Alzheimer’s disease and Diabetes.
● The kinship between the oldest primates (lemurs) and the youngest primates (humans) should especially inspire us to protect these amazing creatures.

Lemurs are crucial pollinators in their home country of Madagascar

● Madagascar is one of the poorest countries in the world. Therefore, many residents directly depend on the land for food.
● Without lemurs, the Malagasy people’s livelihood is compromised.
● Unfortunately, a vicious cycle exists between deforestation, loss of lemur habitat, and ultimately loss of resources for the Malagasy people.

Lemurs are rare... and they're in trouble.

■ All lemurs are endemic to Madagascar, which means they do not naturally exist anywhere else on Earth!

Sadly, 95% of lemurs are threatened with extinction.  

This makes lemurs the most endangered group of mammals in the world

● 23 lemur species are listed as Vulnerable.

● 44 are listed as Endangered.

● 38 are listed as Critically Endangered.

■ International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Species Status Scale

● Endangered (EN): high risk of becoming extinct in the wild in the near future.

● Critically Endangered (CR): highest risk of becoming extinct in the wild in the immediate future.

Photo: The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™

The biggest threats that lemurs face are those that most endangered wildlife faces today:

Habitat Loss

Climate Change


● Being hunted for food or trophies
● Being used in the pet trade

Don’t let lemurs disappear…