Louisiana Lemur Center Plans

A 3 Phase Process

We are currently working to establish the Louisiana Lemur Center, which will house rescued pet trade lemurs and utilize rehabilitation, training, and non-invasive research programs developed with the highest standards in animal care and management. One of the biggest threats endangering lemurs is the high demand for them in the pet trade. Although illegal in most of the United States, many people still keep lemurs as pets, despite the obvious detriment that doing so has on the lemurs’ well-being.

Help make the Louisiana Lemur Center a reality!

Phase 1

  • Fundraising, fundraising, fundraising! Proceeds from our current fundraising efforts will go toward purchasing land on which to build the Louisiana Lemur Center. The current budget/goal for land is roughly $200,000.
  • We are currently scoping out areas in southeast Louisiana for the Louisiana Lemur Center site; preferably on the Northshore (Hammond, Ponchatoula, Loranger, Folsom, Covington, Mandeville, Abita, Lacombe, Bush, Franklinton, Slidell)
    • We are looking for 15 or more acres of forested land
    • An ideal location includes: high ground, easy interstate/hwy access, decent “buffer”/”quiet zone” (space between edge of LLF property and anything else)

Phase 2

  • Once purchased, the land will need to be prepped and set up for the eventual Louisiana Lemur Center.
    • Survey of plants and wildlife; remove any toxic plants, clear areas for buildings, etc.
  • Once cleared, we can break ground on animal housing and other essential buildings (vet hospital, education building, office space, etc.)
    • The land will be kept as natural of a habitat as possible; lush forest area
    • We plan to construct an aviary-style enclosure over entire areas lemurs have access to
    • We are exploring several options on buildings for animal housing, including Cal-Earth super adobes https://www.calearth.org/
    • We are hoping to recreate Madagascar in Louisiana as much as possible
  • Once complete, we will obtain USDA, LDWF, and AZA permits/certifications.
  • Once approved, we can start taking in rescued pet trade lemurs

Phase 3

  • Lemurs that were once pets are very different from lemurs that live in zoos. They usually don’t know how to “be a lemur”. Therefore, the rehabilitation process will take time, and we may not be available for tours right away.
    • We ask for the public’s patience in the beginning stages of the Louisiana Lemur Center. As excited as we are to share our facility with the public, what is best for the lemurs is what must always come first.
  • Once we have a group of lemurs that can handle exposure to the public in a healthy way, we will open the Center for guided tours!
    • Guests will enter the Center through the Education building; learn about lemur conservation and research; biodiversity in general; etc. Prepare for your “journey to Madagascar”
    • Guided by LLF staff members, walk out of the Education building (“safari outpost”) into the “Malagasy forest”…head east to see the ruffed lemurs of the lush rainforest; south to see the ring-tails of the dry grasslands; etc. (One concept we are exploring is arranging our enclosures in the Center the same way lemurs are found geographically in Madagascar)
    • Learn about the individuals seen in the Center (back story, rehab progress, involvement in non-invasive research projects, etc.); learn about the history, culture, and wildlife of Madagascar. Head back to the “safari outpost” (Education building) to “travel” back to the U.S. (and visit the gift shop on the way home!)