About Us

About Our Foundation

The Louisiana Lemur Foundation officially became a non-profit organization in 2017. The idea to create LLF began in early 2016 with two zookeepers, Tina Aust and Jessica Meyer, who both have a strong passion for lemurs and wanted to put it to good use! Tina and Jessica expanded their partnership to include Jamie Marks, Melissa Passman, and Samantha Zarin, fellow zookeepers and lemur enthusiasts. This team has worked nonstop to lay the foundation for what LLF stands for: conservation, education, and scientific discovery.



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Conservation is the act of protecting species and their habitats to promote biodiversity and prevent extinction.

What is conservation?

Preserving a species, right? Conservation and preservation are in fact not interchangeable terms! Preservation is the act of protecting species and habitats from further detriment; to keep things from getting worse.

Why is conservation important?

The short answer is: it truly is a “circle of life”. All of Earth’s species are connected; the fate of one species can affect others, including ourselves.

Why conserve lemurs?

Lemurs are humans’ oldest living ancestor! Not only can we learn a lot about primate evolution from lemurs, but the kinship between the oldest primates (lemurs) and the youngest primates (humans) should especially inspire us to protect these amazing creatures.

What are we doing for conservation?

We work with some of the country’s foremost lemur conservation groups to support their efforts both in Madagascar and in the United States.


Public education is key to ensure lasting changes in the name of conservation.

LLF utilizes Lemur Conservation Foundation’s (LCF) interactive, informative, and engaging environmental education program.

LLF is in the process of developing volunteer and internship programs as well as group tour programs for the eventual Louisiana Lemur Center. Please check back for more updates soon!

Scientific Discovery

LLF believes in a strict code of non-invasive research that contributes to our knowledge of the unique primate group, Prosimians.

LLF supports other organizations that conduct research in this same manner.

LLF is in the process of developing its own research projects to be carried out with lemurs rescued from the pet trade that will call the Louisiana Lemur Center home.

Our Team

Tina Aust

President & CEO

Tina has a long-standing love of wildlife, as evidenced by the five years she spent as a volunteer at the Los Angeles Zoo, where she gained hands-on experience in the primates department. When Tina and her family relocated to Louisiana, she got involved with the New Orleans Audubon Zoo by interning in the primates department, where she was eventually offered a keeper position. It was during this time that Tina developed a passion for lemurs and inspired her to create something big… In 2016 Tina proposed the idea for the Louisiana Lemur Foundation and the rest, as they say, is history!

Jessica Meyer

Executive Vice President & Director of Internal Affairs

Jessica graduated in 2014 from Southeastern Louisiana University with a bachelor’s degree in Biological Science, concentrated in Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Science. Upon graduation, she participated in a study abroad program in Costa Rica researching sea turtles with the Sea Turtle Conservancy. She completed internships at the Monroe Zoo and Audubon Zoo before being hired at the Baton Rouge Zoo as a Primate/Carnivore keeper, and then at the Audubon Zoo as a Primate keeper. She currently works as a Veterinary Technician at DeVun Veterinary Medical Hospital while running the Louisiana Lemur Foundation with the rest of the team.

Jamie Marks

Vice President & Director of Research

Jamie's passion for scientific research grew during her time as a Research Assistant at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Upon graduation from Indiana University, with a B.S. in Biology and a focus in animal behavior, she moved to New Orleans, LA to continue her animal research path by completing internships in the primates and hoofstock departments, at the New Orleans Audubon Zoo. She is currently working on her PhD in Integrative Biology at the University of New Orleans.

Melissa Passman

Vice President & Director of Animal Management

Melissa graduated from the University of Louisiana with a B.S. in Biological Sciences and a minor in Psychology in 2009. She has 3 years of experience in emergency animal medical care, and 9 years of experience working as an animal care professional/zookeeper at 3 different zoological facilities. She is currently the lead Primates keeper at the Audubon Zoo.

Samantha Zarin

Vice President & Director of Communications Outreach

Samantha earned her bachelor's degree in animal science with minors in nutrition and psychology from North Carolina State University in 2016. Her desire to make a difference began at a young age when she volunteered at an animal shelter which led to her work in veterinarian offices. She's completed internships at the Franklin Park Zoo in both the Hoofstock and Tropical Forest departments as well as the Primate department at the Audubon Zoo. She is still very active in the zookeeping field today.

Dr. Leslie Pence, DVM

Director of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Pence received her doctorate in veterinary medicine from Louisiana State University, following her B.S. in Wildlife and Fisheries from Mississippi State University. Her commitment to animals is well evidenced by her repertoire of experiences, such as with oil spill clean-up, being a zookeeper assistant, and annually giving lectures in the scientific community regarding wildlife nutrition.