Public education is the key to ensure lasting changes in the name of conservation.


Conservation is the act of protecting species and their habitats to promote biodiversity and prevent extinction.

Scientific Discovery

We believe in a strict code of non-invasive research that contributes to our knowledge of the unique primate group, Prosimians.

About Our Foundation

The Louisiana Lemur Foundation officially became a non-profit organization in 2017. The idea to create LLF began in early 2016 with two zookeepers, Tina Aust and Jessica Meyer, who both have a strong passion for lemurs and wanted to put it to good use! Tina and Jessica expanded their partnership to include Jamie Marks, Melissa Passman and Samantha Zarin fellow zookeepers and lemur enthusiasts. This team has worked nonstop to lay the foundation for what LLF stands for: conservation, education, and scientific discovery.



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of lemurs face extinction

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listed as critically endangered

Our mission

The Louisiana Lemur Foundation is committed to conservation, education, and scientific discovery by providing expert care to lemurs, participating in non-invasive research endeavors, and educating the public about all things lemur including the importance of their conservation and of biodiversity as a whole.

“It's very rare opportunity in history for us to get a second chance to save an endangered species.”


Louisiana Lemur Center

We are currently working to establish the Louisiana Lemur Center, which will house rescued pet trade lemurs and utilize rehabilitation, training, and non-invasive research programs developed with the highest standards in animal care and management.

You can help!

Dwarf Lemur

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Ring-tailed Lemur

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Ruffed Lemur

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Donate to our GoFundMe to help us purchase a Mobile Education Booth. It would be used at festivals, events, schools, etc. to educate our community!

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